Tornado Door-320-36x84-RHR-F Tornado Safe 320 Door

Tornado Door-320-36x84-RHR-F Tornado Safe 320 Door

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Short Description
Door Dim: 36"W x 84"H
Frame Dim: 40"H x 86"W
Fire Rating: 3-Hour Fire Rated
Color: Pre-Primed
Tested at Texas Tech
Tornado Door Certification Video
Full Description

Tornado Shelter Doors and Frames
Securall StormSafe Doors are constructed in accordance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) guidelines and the International Code Council's (ICC-500) standard for tornado shelter doors. This design is based on extensive research on the cause and effects of windstorm damage to buildings. When combined with a shelter that also adheres to FEMA guidelines and ICC standards, a StormSafe Door will provide a high degree of occupant protection during extreme windstorms (tornados and hurricanes).

Testing on Tornado Doors was performed at Texas Tech University's Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. Texas Tech is the foremost authority in wind research and co-authored FEMA's "Taking Shelter from the Storm", a publication outlining design specifications for safe rooms. All three StormSafe models successfully passed and exceeded the minimum requirements.

Tornado 320 Door

Strong tornadoes have caused the collapse of basement walls resulting in death and injuries to individuals in the basement. By having a safe room in your home, you can protect your family and save the lives of those you care about, and a Securall StormSafe Doors is a critical element when designing a safe room for protection against severe storms.

Securall’s SMaRT Sustainable Certified products comply with Executive Order 13990 that mandates certified sustainable products. SECURALL’s SMaRT sustainable certified products reduce overall pollutants including toxic pollutants, acid rain, ozone depletors, water/air pollutants, and solid/hazardous waste. Learn More..

Fire Rating:
3-Hour Fire Rated
StormSafe 320 Door:
For use with Safe Rooms Built to the Specifications of: FEMA 320
Door Dimension:
36"W x 84"H
Overall Frame Dimension:
40"H x 86"W
Right Hand Inswing
Door & Frame Construction:

  • 12 Gauge Galvannealed Steel Door and Frame
  • 12 Gauge Steel Reinforced Channels
  • Welded Anchor Reinforcements Around Perimeter
  • Door and Frame Finished in Light Gray Epoxy Urethane Primer
Door Swing:
Inward or Outward Swinging
Insulated with R9 Rigid Foam
All hardware is factory-installed:

  • Pipe Anchors - Qty 13 (Welded Inside Frame)
  • Anchor Screws (13) #14 x 5" L Tapcon, Coated Masonry anchor screws and (13) - #14 x 5" L PFH, Coated Steel/Wood anchor screws.
  • (4) 4.5" x 4.5" Heavy Weight Ball Bearing Hinges
  • Classroom Function Handle Brushed Chrome Finish
  • Deadbolts Qty 3 - Grade 1, Brushed Chrome Finish
Shipping Weight:
600 Lbs.
ASTM E 1886-05, ASTM E 1996-06, SSTD 12-99, ANSI A250. 13-2003, FM 4473, ICC-500
Video - Tornado Door Certification
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