SCC172 Full Size Stationary Cabinet

SCC172 Full Size Stationary Cabinet


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27 Gal. Capacity - Full Size Stationary Cabinet
Dim: 72"H x 36"W x 18"D
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EPA regulations help ensure that facilities take steps to prevent oil spills, chemical accidents, and other emergencies, as well as implement planning and response requirements. EPA's emergency management activities and regulations help protect the environment and human health from releases or discharges of oil, chemicals, or other hazardous substances.

Choose from three popular sizes. Our larger full size cabinets are stationary and our smaller mobile model allows you to respond to cleanups by simply wheeling your supplies to the spill area. The wall-mounted cabinet keeps all your spill control supplies available without taking up floor space.

Securall’s SMaRT Sustainable Certified products comply with Executive Order 13990 that mandates certified sustainable products. SECURALL’s SMaRT sustainable certified products reduce overall pollutants including toxic pollutants, acid rain, ozone depletors, water/air pollutants, and solid/hazardous waste. Learn More..

Item #
27 Cu Ft - Full Size Stationary Cabinet
Dimensions (H x W x D) (in):
72"H x 36"W x 18"D
No. of Shelves:
Additional Shelf:
Shipping Weight (lbs):
264 Lbs.
Complies with current OSHA regulations, NFPA - Designed in accordance with specifications set forth by the National Fire Protection Association
15 Year Limited Structural Warraty
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